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Boat Cobra 550


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5,50 meters
2023 r.

– The "Cobra 550" model with its unique design is the larger version of “Cobra 495”, which is one of our favorite boat models. It has a lot more meat on deck because of its center console and has a reinforced transom for much more powerful engines. Water sports, sport fishing / trolling, klong, vertical jig, etc. / in the sea but also inland bodies of water and rivers, high speeds, as well as for hikes into the sea for a walk or a richer catch.

– All our products, used and offered for sale, are manufactured in accordance with European standards have a "CE" certificate and a 2-year warranty.

– When ordering a fully equipped boat ready for operation with an engine, there is no additional charge for the installation of the engine. Transportation of boats, which you buy together with the engine, is free of charge within Bulgaria after import. Our delivery is done by people, who know how to use the product and can help you if you have any questions.

Certification: Class A (THIS)

Design Category: Class C

Engine recommendations
Brand Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki
View Outboard
Management Remotely
Shaft L long boot
Minimum power 50 c..
Maximum power 115 c..
Engine 50 c. + 250 Kg. product 23 knots
Engine 115 c. + 250 Kg. product. 43 knots

The speeds presented above are approximate and may vary depending on weather conditions, water currents, waves and load !

Length 550 cm.
Width 210 cm.
External height of the board 110 cm.
Internal height of the board 70 cm.
Depth of draft 35 cm.
Weight 620 Kg.
Capacity 5 souls
  • Quality resins, fabrics, gelcoat and accessories.
  • Innovative housing design for high wave resistance.
  • Double bottom with large air volume, Octopus system and hold point for self-draining pump.
  • Possibility of reinforced transom for mounting the engine above 70 c..
  • Implementation of the electrical system with certified elements when ordering one.
  • The color preferences of the products are turquoise, dark blue, burgundy red, yellow, Orange. Basic colors are free.
Blue marine

The standard equipment of the boat which is included in the price:

  • Knecht (2 no.)
  • Management console (central)
  • Console seat type “chest” by reversing the direction of sitting
  • Leary / railings /
  • Folding ladder
  • "UV" glass for console
  • "U" Towing bracket(3 no.)
  • Anchor roller
  • Integrated self-draining anchor tank
  • Integrated dry tanks (3 no.)
  • Pillows / set /
  • Panel with buttons 4 positions / automatic fuses /
  • USB panel / contact 12V
  • Fixed soft seat backs
  • Navigation lights / green and red /
  • Pylon / rod / flag with anchor light
  • Tank and battery compartment
  • Drainage deck
  • Lear for the console
  • Drainage pump

The additional accessories presented below, parts and accessories are selected by us so you can create a sample offer for your boat.

Once you have selected everything you need sent your request and we will contact you to comment on the final offer of equipment.

When ordering a full package of boat, accessories, parts and engine:

  • The installation of the engine is at our expense.
  • You get a discount for accessories and parts.
  • The transport of the finished boat within Bulgaria is free.

The engines presented here as an option are the most – suitable for this boat model. At your request, an offer can be prepared with a model of your choice. For more information on the engine of your choice, visit the category “Engines

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